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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to take the pre-existing model of high end art sales, and stretch a new canvas, turning it on it’s head.


The old model simply doesn’t work for us anymore. We want to work with artists to cultivate their creative energy, as well as collectors who value that energy. We want to bring art & culture to brands, instead of art & brands to culture. Creative energy is the currency of modern times and in an ever evolving world, we at Stretch choose to evolve with it.


Come join us.

What is Stretch?

What is
Stretch Gallery?

Stretch Gallery is a multi-disciplinary Fine Art Gallery where we value creative energy, and make moves to take an active part in culture.


Our artists may be international, but in the digital landscape of our modern world, distances and borders are non-existent. To capture this opportunity, we have also created a custom virtual space open to both artists and collectors alike.

In this Meta-Gallery, we host intra-artist critiques, meta-film festivals, exclusive showings, guided tours, and even interactive NFT experiences. Yet this isn’t even our final form.

Stretch also hosts a multi-disciplinary mentorship program that is growing and evolving. We are focused on finding and helping up-and-coming artists acquire the tools and relationships that they will need to succeed. 

In short, when it comes to the art world, we believe that there is a big difference between preserving culture and building culture. 

We want to do both.

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