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What is it and what's all the hype?

We cannot speak for other galleries or their interests in the metaverse. We can however tell you that we at Stretch Gallery believe in the physical aspect of art. The feeling when you come into a space and see a work of art for the first time. The awe-inspiring way that the work can wash over you and transport you to a different time and place.


We don't want to lose that. We believe in this so much that we prioritize a physical brick-and-mortar experience over all else. Our use of the metaverse is this - we want our gallery to be accessible to people all over the world. We want this virtual space to capture the imagination of the viewer just as a physical space can do. We want both spaces to complement each other. Physical in Digital, and Digital in Physical.


 In short, we want to encourage the appreciation of art through conversations and meetups even when our doors are closed.


We want community. Anytime, and Anywhere. 

Come see what it's all about.


No special app or download is required.

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