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Encouraging people to think differently


Art is a fantastic way to engage people, to create a talking point, and hold an audience in a space long enough to drive home a memorable message. Simply put, art can create a deeper sense of engagement for your brand and audience.

A partnership between a brand and an emerging artist should be a mutually beneficial media opportunity. By timing the engagement to correspond with the emerging artist’s exhibitions or events, marketers not only maximize their media and promotional dollars, but they also increase the relevance of the brand’s message.

At Stretch, we want to elevate your brand. We utilize our network of artists to match the needs of your campaign with the talent of our creators.

From in-person brand events, to exclusive art shows, we’ve got you covered. Not only can we develop, curate, run, and sell a show for you, but we can have our artists work speak on behalf of your brand message.

Brand Activations

If you have an event coming up, or a campaign in development, we can create a memorable experience for your brand. Send us an email to info(at) to discuss how we can make your brand event more memorable.


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